Baseball is one of the most popular games that people love to play. It is played by millions of people all over the world. It originated in the late 19th century in America, but it was already known in Europe and Great Britain before the start of World War II. There is even a baseball hall of fame in Washington, where players such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig have been inducted.

DescriptionA baseball is a flat, round bat-and-ball sport played between two competing teams who each take turns catching and pitching. The game continues even if a team’s starting pitcher, usually known as the starter, throws a ball to a hitter on the field. When a team wins, the winning pitcher must throw the winning ball to the winning player at first base, on second base, third base, or any position in the outfield.

History Originally, baseball used an iron-walled wooden bat as the material for the ball, which was called wood or pine. Since it was difficult to swing a wooden bat, early baseball players tried using rubber baseballs. 슈어맨 are made of a hard rubber material that responds to extreme temperatures and makes for a more durable ball. In 18atory years, bats were made of steel, but eventually switched to rubber in the 1890s.

Rules Currently, baseball uses nine men on each team. Each team has 30 seconds at bat, and each player must remain within fifteen feet of home plate. The player from the team with the least number of outs advances to first base, and then from there, depending on whether the game was tied or not, the player can go on to play second base, third base, or the outfield if positioned there. If the game is still tied after three innings, the runner who first moves to home plate wins the game.

Batting Pitcher The pitcher is the person who throws the baseball to his batters. Pitchers can use two types of pitching equipment: one is a high- fastball, which comes in either a curveball or a regular type, and another is a fast-pitched, breaking ball. The primary weapon of a pitcher is his fastball, which can reach up to a hundred miles an hour, although some use slower pitches. Most pitchers rely on their fastball to win a game. Curveballs are pitched in situations in which the baseball is not hit too hard, while fast-pitched balls are used when the baseball is hit hard.

Positions Different positions in the baseball have different defensive roles. The most common defensive position is second base, where the player is in close proximity to the home plate. Other defensive positions include catcher, third base, and first base, where the player plays next to the pitcher.g

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